We welcome visits from our home customers although we do not have a retail store. All of our services are on-site. We can install new equipment - regardless where it was purchased, and can perform upgrades, troubleshooting, DSL or Cable hookup, wireless, and media center technology.

That last one - media center technology - is an amazing tool for the home.  In fact, we have a media center PC on display in our office. It looks like a stereo and can play DVDs and music CDs without starting Windows. But it helps to be running Windows because you can take advantage of cataloging and storing all your music CDs, taping any show by series name, an online tv guide, online radio, XM radio (if you have a subscription), and more. It's all very cool and very fun to use.

Please, let us know if we can be of any assistance. 

Custom-built Desktop Computers and Notebooks
Thru our partnership with Intel, we offer a very thorough selection of standard tower or low-profile desktop PCs, and notebooks. We use the latest low-power, high speed Intel processors as well as Intel motherboards. These systems are competitively priced and very reliable. Plus, we stock parts so if any should require service, it can be done immediately and on-site.

We can provide systems with either Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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